El hurgador

Dez 04, 13 El hurgador

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An interview with Javier Fuentes from the artblog „el hurgador“.



Okt 23, 13 YouTuber

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YouTube is underestimated. Its potential is huge.

The art discovered it long ago and starts sounding out this new environment in order to create suitable modes of expression.


Swiss Art

Mrz 17, 13 Swiss Art

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A definition of Swiss art in only one word.

Is it possible?


The Job of an Art Critic

Nov 26, 12 The Job of an Art Critic

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Art entails responsibility. Both the artist and the beholder are involved in this responsibility. A few beholders assume an active role and become art critics.

What is the task of an art critic?


Art and creativity

Mai 15, 12 Art and creativity

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There are very many dogmatic statements about art.

Are all of them right?


The Receptiveness of Graffiti

Apr 23, 12 The Receptiveness of Graffiti

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Graffiti has to be looked at. However lots of people don’t even dart a glance at it, because graffiti is a social outcast.

Graffiti has to be explained. However lots of artists don’t say a word, because of their mistaken loyalty towards graffiti.

This is a problem which has to be solved.