Who is the author?
My name is Elena Richter. I have a degree in art history and film studies.

What does the title of the blog mean?
In the title the word Kunst (German for art) merges with the words talk and stalk.

What is the intention of this blog?
Everybody knows that Mona Lisa is a work online paper rater of art, the same is The birth of Venus, The starry night, The scream. But we also speak of the art of lovingeasy philosophy topics legit essay writing services, the art of cooking and so on. If you ask the artists to tell you what art is, they cannot define it. If you ask teachers of art, owners of galleries, museum directors what art is, they cannot define it either.The term art may be found in a lot of contexts, but what is art really? The purpose of this blog is to try and find out the answer by looking at everything that could be considered a work help writing papers of art, even as remote as it is.

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